The Bible History Books, an Introduction!

As we all know, one common goal for many Christians is to study the bible in a year. I have a very close friend who has just achieved that. I have personally set that goal before too, and read through the bible in one calendar year. However I must admit (as also did my friend) that it was not an easy feat, not at all. There were days that I lagged behind, some other days that I just read through to achieve the goal, and not really assimilate what I was reading, making it looked more like yes let me just read this and achieve the goal. Though there are lot of advantages in even simply reading through God’s word, i strongly believe that God wants us to get much more from the bible than juts to read through it hurriedly. he wants us to meditate on the word, study it, apply it to our lives, just like he told Joshua in Joshua 1:8, when we meditate on the word day and night and observe to do what is in it, we will make our way prosperous and have good success.

Therefore, this year, I have decided that I will study the bible more deeply. I want to study it in a systematic and engaging way. I want to relate with it in a vibrant manner, learn what is behind the stories, learn from them and actively engage in what I study. This I intend to do by focussing on one section of the bible. The bible is commonly divided into eight sections: The Pentateuch (Law or Moses’ book), Old Testament (OT) Historical Books, The Poetical books, The OT Prophetical Books, The Gospels, New Testament Historical Books, The Doctrinal Books, and  the NT Prophetical Book (Revelation).

Of all the divisions, I have decided to focus on the Old testament Historical Books. This section is made up of 12 books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. I study the New Testament books more or less regularly, and have also made reading the poetical books a habit. as such I wanted to study a part of the bible that I can say I have not focussed on in a fairly long time. I believe the success I make of the study will by God’s grace help me in studying other sections too in the future.

The 12 OT historical books have a total of 195 chapters between them, therefore deeply studying even a single chapter a day means just over half way through the year, this goal could have been achieved. If that be the case, we will move on to consider another section, but even if not 365 days is definitely more than enough to cover the 195 chapters.

So come along with me, it promises to be exciting to say the least. It will be a study like none before. Commentaries, Pictures, videos, Audio (as much as space permits). And by the end of the year, I trust God that I will look back and thank him for taking me through this journey.

You are welcome!

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