In the Jordan Plains.

Joshua 5: 1-15

News about miracles travel fast. I was just wondering how the Kings on the other side of Jordan heard about the miracle the Lord performed in drying the waters of Jordan from before the children of Israel. Such news can cast fear into the hearts of even the strongest armies, no wonder these kings were scared.

The next command Joshua receieved from God was to circumcise all the uncircumcised males born in the wilderness. The circumcision was the sign of the covenant between God and Israel, established through Abraham (Gen 17:6). What should be noted here is that God’s method are really quite different. Circumcision is painful, and it requires being weak for a certain period of time, not something you want to do when enemies are around, or when they could pounce anytime. however Joshua carried out this order. This is a sign of great trust in God, as he is the real captain of the army of Israel.

God’s people must follow God’s method to achieve great results. His ways are quite different from the norm, from the World’s, and we need to discover his way and his will for us as His people. When we follow his commands and his directions we surpass human results and understanding.

Further into the chapter, we see the Israelites eating for the first time the old corn of the land in the plains of Jericho, and this marked the cessation of the manna they had been feeding on in the wilderness, as they began to eat of the fruit of the land of canaan. The manna has achieved its purpose for them and God wanted them to switch over to the goodness of the land. How do we recognise a temporary arrangement from the permanent thing that God wants for us. When it seems a source of supply has ceased, ask God to let us see his much more established means for you.

Finaly, Joshua met with the captain of the host of the Lord, he saw him with his sword drawn and wanted to know whether he was friend or foe. The Lord indeed was fighting the battle for israel and he just gave Joshua the priviledge to see that. There’s a whole host of army with them, and from one captain to the other – respect!

Where the Lord is, is holy ground- bearing another similarity to Moses’ experience. I pray God will help us today to know that he is there, even when we can not see Him!

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