Bringing down Jericho.

Joshua 6:1-27

Today, God gave Joshua instructions on how they are to conquer Jericho – March round about the city once for six days, and on the seventh day, march round it seven times, and on the blast of the priests’ trumpets, let all the people shout. What a war strategy! I am not sure if any current world president or prime minister were told such, whether that would be their strategy in war. God’s methods are clearly unique and they do at times comfound human understanding.

Jericho was reputable for its very strong walls, the walls are large and strong, the gates have been closed, no entry, no exit. So the question would have been how were the Israelites to enter into the Land? God provided the most uncommon answer to Joshua, and he passed the same on to the children of Israel. He also instructed that everything must be destroyed, apart from gold, silver and other vessels to be consecrated to the Lord, for all other things are accursed and anyone taking them will be accursed.

The people of Israel carried out the order, marching round Jericho’s wall once for the first six days, and seven times on the seventh day, before unleashing the loudest shout they could. What happened? The walls of Jericho did fall down flat before them, and the people went into the city and took it. The spies also fulfilled their promise to Rahab, sparing her and her family. The remaining of the city was burnt down with fire, save  the silver and gold and vessels of brass and iron which were put into the treasury of the house of the Lord.

Finally, Joshua made a declaration that anyone would be cursed that rise to build the city of Jericho: such shall lay the foundation with his firstborn, and in his youngest son shall he set up the gates. Isarel could see that the Lord was indeed with Joshua, and his fame was noised all through the country.

Significance comes by following God’s orders not our own wisdom!

Some verses to remember

Vs 16: ……shout for the Lord has given you the City!

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