Doing battle with Ai again.

Joshua 8:1-35

Today, Israel regrouped to face Ai again in war, taking directions from God. Joshua was to take all the people of war (as opposed to the few thousands that went before).

Joshua shared a new strategy with his men. Some were to lay ambush and seize the city as soon as Joshua and the others with him ‘flee’ from the men of Ai. The strategy worked as planned. The king of Ai and the men of the city went out against Israel to battle not knowing that there were other men lying in ambush behind the city. As Joshua and all israel ran as if they were being beaten, all the men of Ai pursued after them being drawn away from the city, until no single man was left, leaving the city open.

I am not sure what the men of Ai were thinking but it was indeed folly for them to leave their city open, God cmfounded their wisdom, He made folish their own war strategy.

At the right time, God told Joshua to hold his spear towards Ai, this served as a signal to the men in ambush, who came out and took the city, setting it on fire. When the men of Ai saw smoke rising from their city, they lost all power, and knew not where to flee. The fleeing group turned back and slew the men of Ai, meaning the men of Ai were sandwiched between Israel’s army, leaving none to escape.

Finally the king of Ai was captured, hung on a tree to die. Then Joshua built an altar unto the Lord in mount Ebal as God commanded through Moses. The people offered burnt and peace offerings unto the Lord there. Joshua also wrote a copy of the laws of Moses and read it to the people.

So, Jericho had been taken and now Ai, what next? How will the history continue to develop? We shall soon find out!

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