The measure of Success

Joshua 13:1-33

Yesterday we read that Joshua and the Israelites defeated 31 kings and possessed their lands. Today however, we are greeted with the stark reality as Joshua becomes old and stricken with age. God told him that the work was not complete, there were still very much lands that need to still be conquered, meaning many more kings to destroy, many lands to possess.

Judging by what we read yesterday, we would assume and conclude that Joshua’s reign had been successful, but today we could learn that true success is measured by God’s standards not ours. It is about reaching the full potentials and heights of what God has in stock for us. It is easy to feel successful comparing our self with other people, but it is only when we look at God’s expectation of us that we can say whether we measure up or not.

Today, take a very good look at your life, look at what you have achieved so far, is that the best you could be for God? in sincerity if I am to personally judge myself, I will be like Joshua being told by God that yeah you have done this and that, but there is still much more that could and should be achieved.

Let us all receive strength from God to be our best, to finish life empty. to run the race, to complete our course. By His grace, all things are possible.

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