Dividing the Lands – Zelopehad’s Daughters


Joshua 17:1-18

The division of the lands continued today with details of allotment to the tribe of Manasseh. However there’s a bit of twist when we read of Zelopehad daughters- Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah.

The boldness and confidence of these women were admirable. They came to Joshua and Eleazar the priest and the princes demanding that they get an inheritance among their brtheren as the Lord had commanded Moses. Gender is not an excuse for not being bold, these women are empowered, they are courageous, they know their rights.

The chapter ends with Joshua extending the lot of the tribe of Joseph, seeing that they are a great people. They were to take the mountains and cut down the wood, drive out the Cannanites living there, though they had iron chariots and were strong. Some possession still required work and such was the extra lot given to the house of Joseph.

Dividing the land brought with it various demands from different people, but we only got to read of people who made demands and not those who didn’t. What are you demanding for today. Some things are rightfully yours but you still need to ask and act.

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