Cities of Refuge

Joshua 20:1-9

Joshua 20:1-9

The children of Israel today appointed cities of refuge as God commanded Moses. The purpose of theses cities is to protect someone who kills another person unawares or unwittingly from the avenger of blood for such killing.

Once the elders of these cities take sucha person into the city they are not to release him to the avenger when he comes ‘calling for his head’. His safety is to continue until he stands fair judgement or until the death of the reigning high priest, then shall he return unto his own city from where he fled. Kedesh, Schechem, Hebron, Bezer, Ramoth and Golan were the cities selected for this purpose.

God is clearly a just God, a fair judge, and an understanding father. He knows human are capable of mistake, and is also aware of the hurt another feels when wronged (even when unintentional). He doesn’t want hatred to breed, nor revenge to multiply, he truly desires that his people live together in love and harmony, his provisions for them are simply amazing.

He is our true city of refuge!

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