The Promise of Samson

Judges 13:1-25

Israel regressed back into their sinful habit, and they were handed over to the Philistines who oppressed them for forty years. In order to deliver them again, the angel of the Lord paid a visit to Dan and met with Manoah’s wife, who had been barren up till this time. The angel told her she would have a son who would deliver Israel, he then gave instructions about how the son should be dedicated to the Lord even from the womb, for he would deliver Israel from the Philistines.

Manoah’s wife was to ensure she did not take any wine or strong drink, eat any unclean meat, and must not allow razor to touch the child’s hair, as he would be a Nazirite to the Lord from the womb. Then she came and told her husband what she had been told, and also told him the man refused to tell her his name or where he came from.

Manoah the asked the Lord to send the man to them again so that they could receive more instructions on how the promised son should be brought up. The Lord answered this request as the angel appeared unto the woman again a second time. This time around she ran to call her husband and both of the listened to the instructions on how she should handle herself while pregnant with the boy.

Manoah then asked the angel to stay for meal, to which he replied he would not have the meal, but the couple could offer a burnt offering unto the Lord. While the offering was made the angel went up in the offering smoke. On realizing he was an angel of the Lord Manoah was afraid and thought he and his wife would die for they had seen the Lord. His wife however thought otherwise, reassuring him that the Lord would not have received the offering nor revealed all he did if he wanted them dead.

Manaoh’s wife eventually became pregnant and delivered the son as God promised them. The son was named Samson. The child grew and God blessed him, and the Spirit of God began to move him. We will continue with the exploits this promised child had in Israel as a judge tommorow.

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