The Danites and the Priest – A ‘Robin Hoodish’ story!

Judges 18:1-31

As we continue from where we left off yesterday, today while the Danites travelled to seek a land for inheritance, they came to Micah’s house. They spoke with the young priest and asked him to seek counsel of the Lord for them, he blessed them and they departed.

The Danites soon came to Laish, and loved the land and the way the people lived-securely and peacefully, so they planned to take it over. While on their war to war at Laish, the men who met the young priest before told others about the items of worship in Micah’s house and the priest. The Danites then stole the idols and other temple items, and when asked by the young Levite, they asked him which did he prefer, to be priest for one man or for a whole tribe?The young priest was glad at the rpoposition, took the items and went with them.

Micah later discovered and pursued them with his neighbours. The Danites however refused to return the items to Micah when he asked them, and he had to return since they were to strong for him.

The Danites got to Laish, smote the people there and took over the land, naming it Dan. They then set up the images they stole from Micah and made Jonathan, the young Levite their priest. And so the Danites stole from Micah, who initially had stolen from his mother.

Was this judgement come for Micah’s initial theft and greed. Do unto others as you want to be done to you.

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