Israel at war with the tribe of Benjamin


Judges 20:1-48

After the events of yesterday, all of Israel from Dan to Beersheba gathered to listen to what the husband of the concubine who cut her body and sent the cut parts to them had to say. The man narrated the evil the men of Benjamin did to him and his concubine in Gibeah. All the people unanimously agreed that this was an evil in Israel and had to be punished.

The other tribes then first requested Benjamin to hand over the sons of Belial who did the evil thing, but the tribe of Benjamin refused, therefore both Israel and the Benjaminites prepared to go to war. Benjamin had very skilful men, some who could sling a stone at a hair breadth with the left hand and not miss. So, Israel asked God who should go first to face the Benjaminites, and Judah was chosen.

However, surprisingly though Benjamin was outnumbered, they defeated Israel in battle the first time. Israel went back and asked God if they should go again a second time, they went and were defeated again. After the second defeat, all of Israel went back and cried unto the Lord, they fasted all day till evening, and sought the Lord a third time through Phinehas, grandson of Aaron. They then set out a third time, and using a similar strategy to that used by Joshua when Israel fought Ai (Joshua 8), they defeated the Benjaminites and the city of Gibeah.

The persistence of Israel paid off as they continued to trust God in the face of defeats, the evil committed by the men of Benjamin was finally avenged.

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