The Birth of Samuel


I Samuel 1:1-28.

Today, we move on to the first Book of Samuel. The book began with the background to the birth of Samuel. His mother was Hannah, one of the two wives of Elkanah. Peninnah, the other wife had many children, but Hannah was barren. This situation brought her a lot of provocation from Peninnah, although her husband loved her so much and tried as much as he could to make her happy.

Despite the division in the home, the whole family did not neglect devotion together, as they regularly visit Shiloh yearly to worship God. It was on one of such visits that Hannah bare her heart out to the Lord and prayed as though she was “drunk”. She promised God if she had a son, he would be dedicated to God and no razor would touch his head. When Eli the priest as at then saw her and asked about her  “drunkeness”, she explained she was only pouring out her heart to God. She received a blessing and confirmation of answered prayers from Eli, and went bak home happier.

The Lord remembered Hanah, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, naming him Samuel (for I asked him of the Lord). After weaning the child, he took him to Eli the priest to dedicate him unto the Lord as she promised.

SO was the birth of Samuel, and the path he automatically took in life due to the promise his mother made to God. He was dedictaed unto the Lord’s service very early in life. We will continue with the story of this famous prophet tomorrow.

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