Return of The Ark

1 Sam 6:1-21

After all the ills that befell the Philistines because of their capture of the ark of God, their chiefs and lords gathered today to decide what to do. It was concluded that the ark of God must be returned to stem the tide of the plagues in their cities and prevent them going the way of Pharaoh and Egypt.

They then decided to return the ark on a cart with offerings of gold. They pointed out that if the cart faced Bethshemesh then they would know their plague was really because of the ark and not a chance event. The animals pulling the cart faced Bethshemesh as the lords of the Philistines followed from nearby. It eventually came to Bethshemesh where the people were harvesting their wheat. They greatly rejoiced to see the ark return, and they used the wood and the cow to offer sacrifice unto God.

One last fearful event however still happened in Bethshemesh, we learnt some men opened the ark to see what was inside, and because of this up to fifty thousand people in Bethshemesh were smitten by God. The people were afraid and sorrowful, saying who could stand before this God. They therefore sent to the people of Kirjathjearim to come and fethc the ark.

How would the people of Kirjathjearim receive the ark and its return? We would continue tomorrow.

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