Thunder and Rain in Harvest.



1 Sam 12:1-25

After yesterday’s victory and Saul’s confirmation as king, Samuel spoke with all the people. After confirming from them all that he had treated everyone of them fairly, not taking bribe and not defrauding them, he reminded them of how God had been dealing with them right from the beginning. He told them of how he delivered their forefathers from Egypt by sending Moses and Aaron, how he rescued them from Sisera, the Philistines, and others by sending them the Judges. However, when Nahash threatened them, they decided they wanted a king like other nations, which was a rebelion to how God had been dealing with them.

He clearly let the people know God was not happy with this, and as proof, he prayed during this time which was harvest time, and God sent thunder and rain (something that would never happen during harvest). The people were very fearful of God and Samuel, and asked him to pray for them so that they were not destroyed.

Samuel let the people know that God had chosen them and he loved them and would not destroy them. He warned them to ensure that they and the king serve only him, and not follow after vain gods. If they did, it should be well with them. He promised to continue to pray and intercede for them, and warned them that if they turned against God, they would be destroyed.

God is loving and abundance in grace and mercy. All he wants from us is to love him also and serve him alone, do you?

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