David- On the Run!

1 Sam 21:1-15

After leaving Jonathan, David’s run away from Saul started with going to Nob, where he met Ahimelech the priest. Ahimelech was surprised to see David but he did not disclose why he was there. Ahimelech gave David the hallowbread since there was no common bread to eat. However, one of Saul’s servant Doeg saw David with ahimelech.

David requested a sword or spear from Ahimelech, and he was given the sword of Goliath whom he had slain before. After this David fled for the fear of Saul to Achish the king of Gath. The servants of Achish however told him that David was the one sang about by the women to have killed ten thousands, and would soon be king. When David heard this, he faked madness because he was very afraid of what Achish migh do. Achish dismissed David, saying he did not need more of such mad men with him.

David continued to go through a very difficult time on the run and living in fear. God has anointed him to be king, but at the moment he seemed to be having more struggle and trouble than when he was watching the sheep. For every destination, there is a journey to be taken. As you aspire for more be ready for the challenges ahead.


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