David dismissed from the Philistine army

1 Sam 29:1-11

As we read yesterday, the armies of the Philistines and those of the Israelites were gathered for war. Having seen what befell Saul, attention was cast upon David, the one to soon become king. David however at this point in time was in a very difficult, compromising situation.

Let’s remember that he had been with Achish, the Philistine king, all the while, enjoying security and protection from him. Naturally, he was obliged to repay the loyalty of Achish to him, who rightly felt that David was on his side, and would battle against  the enemies of the Philistines. So, as would be expected, David and his men lined up with the Philistine army to battle against Israel.

Not sure exactly what David’s game plan was if he had any. Would he really fight against his own people, the Israelites, who are also God’s people. What would that do to his being king in the future? Also, who he turn and stab Achish at the back, repaying evil for all the good the king had done to him? In this very difficult situation, God in his providence eventually provided a way out for David.

The Philistine princes questioned Achish about what David was doing with the army, telling him of the risk they stand if he turned against them at war, probably used their heads to win his reconciliation to Saul. Although Achish tried to defend David’s loyalty to him since he had been with him, the princes insisted angrily that he should make David leave, lest the one sang about that he destroyed tens of thousands turn his back on them in battle.

So Achish told David about the decision to have him leave, he reassured him that he found no fault in him but it was the decision of the princes of Philistine. So David had to leave early the next morning, and though he pretended not to be happy with the decision when told by Achish, am sure he would have been very grateful for the near escape the Lord provided him with.

Are you in a fix, and finding it difficult to find a way out. Hold on and trust in God, for he makes ways where there seems to be none. He would come to your rescue at the right time, and provide a way of escape.

Some verses to remember

vs 9  And Achish answered and said to David, I know that thou art good in my sight, as an angel of God: notwithstanding the princes of the Philistines have said, He shall not go up with us to the battle.

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