The Assassination of of Ishbosheth

2 Sam 4:1-12

When Ishbosheth heard that Abner was dead, he was very afraid, and rightly so. For afterwards, two men who were captains in the bands of Saul his father plotted to have him killed. Baanah and rechab were sons of Rimmon, but they had been sojourners in Gittaim till the time of all these events.

So, both men went in to Ishbosheth while he slept in the noon, and they smote him and cut off his head. They ran away with his head and took it to David. The brothers thought they had done David a favour by killing the son of Saul his “enemy”, but David’s stance had not changed. He rebuked them for killing a righteous man while he slept, he then ordered his men to kill the two brothers who had done evil by killing Ishbosheth.

David clearly showed that he loved Saul and his family. He kept the promise he had made to Jonathan and Saul in not cutting off Saul’s family, and when others do it he brought them to justice. DO you remain faithful to your words and promises, even when the people you promised are no longer there? Learn from David!

Some verses to remember

vs 10-12:  When one told me, saying, Behold, Saul is dead, thinking to have brought good tidings, I took hold of him, and slew him in Ziklag, who thought that I would have given him a reward for his tidings: How much more, when wicked men have slain a righteous person in his own house upon his bed? shall I not therefore now require his blood of your hand, and take you away from the earth? And David commanded his young men, and they slew them, and cut off their hands and their feet, and hanged them up over the pool in Hebron.

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