Solomon Asks for Wisdom

1 Kg 3:1-28

In today’s passage, we learnt of how Solomon encountered God in a dream and made a request for what he felt was most important to his reigning as king.

After offering  a thousand burnt offering to the Lord in Gibeon, the Lord appeared to Solomon in his dream and told him to ask for what he wanted.  Solomon then asked God for an understanding heart, that would help him to be able to judge God’s people aright. God was very impressed with Solomon’s request, as he did not ask for the death of his enemies or even riches. So God then gave him a wise and understanding heart, and in addition, riches and honour with lenght of days. When Solomon awoke from the dream, he went to Jerusalem, offered up burnt offerings unto the Lord, and also gave a feast to his servants.

Then came the first test of Solomon’s judgement ability. Two harlots came before the king to argue about who owns a living child, after one of them had slept on her own son and killed him in the process. Each harlot claimed the living child was hers while the dead child belonged to the other. So, Solomon requested for a sword, and asked the living child be cut into two and each half given to the each woman.  It was at this point that the true mother was willing to part with her son, asking the king to preserve him if that meant he would be given to the other woman. The false mum kept insisting the child should be cut into two. So, Solomon asked the son to be given to the compassionate woman who was his true mother.

When all Israel heard of this judgement, the feared Solomon and knew for a truth that God was with him. What do you need today? If we lack wisdom to judge, we could ask God as he has promised to give us, and he does give liberally. Ask him today!

Some verses to remember

vs 5:  In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.

vs 9: Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?

vs 11-12:  And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.

vs 28:  And all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king: for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment.


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