Jehu’s Anointing and The Judgement of Ahab’s Family

2 Kgs 9:1-36

Today, Jehu was anointed as king of Israel. Elisha sent one of the children of the prophets to Ramoth-gilead to perform this task. He anointed Jehu and told him through him, God would smite the house of Ahab, and avenge the blood of all the prophets of God that Jezebel killed.

Jehu was afterwards hailed as king by his servants, as he began to conspire against Joram. Joram was meanwhile sick with a wound, and recovering in Jezreel, being kept company by Ahaziah the king of Judah. After the kings have sent out three messengers to meet with Jehu and none returned, both of them prepared their horses to go fight against Jehu.

Jehu made Joram know he did not come in peace but to avenge Jezebel’s evil. On hearing this Joram tried to flee and to also warn Ahaziah of Jehu’s “treachery”. Jehu however drew a bow and sent an arrow piercing through under  Joram’s arm and heart. Jehu also sent men after Ahaziah as he fled and they smote him, causing him to die at Megiddo.

Jehu finally returned to Jezreel, and when Jezebel heard of it, she looked out the window, reminding Jehu of one Zimri who slew his master not having peace. Jehu then looked up and asked who was on his side, and two to three eunuchs from inside look out to him, he gave word to throw Jezebel down and they did, with her blood splash about as Jehu trod upon her.

God’s judgement was served on Ahab’s house and his wife Jezebel as he foretold, especially after Ahab took the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite. The dogs also ate the flesh of Jezebel and no proper burial was conducted for her as God foretold through Elisha.

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