The Life of Joash

2 Kgs 12:1-21

Today we were allowed to have an idea of the reign of Joash. He did what was pleasing in the sight of God as instructed by Jehoiada, the priest. However, the high places as we learnt were not removed and the people still sacrificed there.

Attention then quickly shifted to how temple resources were being used. On ascending the throne, Joash gave instructions to Jehoiada and the other priests on collections in the temple, and ensuring that the breaches of the house of God were repaired. However, twenty three years down the lane, the repairs were still not done. the reason for this was not expressly stated.

Joash then recalled Jehoiada, telling the priests that they should receive no more money from the people, but deliver all for the repair of the breaches of the house of God. It did not seem as though the priests cared much, as we learnt that they decided not to collect the money from the people but also decided not to repair the breaches, though Jehoiada left a chest for the collections.

Eventually, the scribe and the high priest managed the resources when they saw that the chest was overflowing and not catered for. They gave the money to the people working on repairing the breaches in the temple, and these people were found faithful.

The chapter ends by revealing that Joash was not as strong or courageous as we would expect. When threathened by Hazael the king of Syria, he went ahead and took all the hallowed things his fathers before him had kept in the temple, including gold and other treasures, and delivered them to Hazael to avoid war with him. Eventually Joash was slain by two of his own servants, Jozachar and Jehozabad. His son, Amaziah, then became king in his stead.

God is interested in kings and how they rule in totality. He wants ruler to be fully committed to him, no wonder no other man was described as a man after his heart apart from David. How do you walk with God as a leader?

Some verses to remember

vs 2-3: And Jehoash did that which was right in the sight of the LORD all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest instructed him. But the high places were not taken away: the people still sacrificed and burnt incense in the high places.

vs 11 And they gave the money, being told, into the hands of them that did the work, that had the oversight of the house of the LORD: and they laid it out to the carpenters and builders, that wrought upon the house of the LORD.

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