Even more names….

2 Chr 4:1-43

As forewarned, we continue today with more names from Israel‘s history. the way these records were kept really meant that each person could trace his lineage back to Abraham and his sons.

We were provided a backward link to Judah, one of Israel’s sons, today. However along the lineage was the notable story of Jabesh, who was named a son of sorrow. Jabesh was however more honourable than his brethren, and he called on God to bless him and enlarge his coast, and god indeed answered his prayers. So, though your root or background may spell or mean sorrow, Jabesh’s story showed that God could change history, and give a better future when we call on him, we don’t have to be held back by our past.

The chapter then later moves on to talk about the sons of Simeon, another of Israel’s sons. Though not as numerous as the sons of Judah, they were also successful in their own rights, with princes and captains emerging from the tribe.

Still more names to come, be patient as we continue.

Stay blessed!


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