All the King’s Men

1 Chr 11:1-47

After Saul’s death, David was approached by the elders of Israel while in Hebron, and was asked to become the king over all of Israel, and not just only Judah.

David’s reign was in power and might, as he worked right from the onset with men who were as brave and courageous as himself. from taking over Jerusalem from the Jebusites to various victories over the Philistines, we saw all of the men’s bravest kings coming to fore.

In the manner of the book of the Chronicles, these men were listed by their names and actions. Joab went with him to smite the Jebusites, and was made the chief of them all. All the other mighty men were also mentioned including Jashobeam (who slew 300 with a spear), Abishai (Joab’s brother, who also slew 300 with a spear, and Benaiah (who killed two lionlike men, killed a lion on a snowy day, and a gigantic Egyptian).

The three chief men along with thirty other mighty men were all mentioned. With their acts, they etched their names in the history books as the mighty men of David, they were indeed “ALl the King’s men”!

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