All the King’s Men II

1 Chr 12:1-40

Yesterday, we learnt about David‘s chief men.  Today’s chapter elaborated more on the calibre of men he had from all the tribes of Israel, who came to him in Ziklag to make him king. These men were all describe as men with right hearts, who pledged their allegiance to David even when he was in trouble.

These men were from different tribes of Israel, each tribe with its own peculiarity. They were all very skilful, being able to use the bows, and use both the right and left hands in hurling stones and shooting arrows.

The men of Gad were described as going over the Jordan when it had overflown its banks, and put to flight the men of the valleys. The men of Mannaseh helped him against bands of rovers that fought him, the men of Judah bore shield and spear, the children of Simeon were mighty men of valour, and the tribes of Levi, Benjamin, Ephraim were all represented.

Notable were the sons of Isaachar, which were men of understanding and who knew what Israel ought to do. The men of Zebulun were described as experts in war likewise those from Dan and Asher, while the men of Naphtali hold the shield and spear well.

All these men could keep rank, and they all came with a perfect heart to David to make him king in Ziklag. They all brought substances and celebrated the new king together. They were indeed, “the King’s Men”.

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