Moving the Ark to Jerusalem

1 Chr 13:1-14

David thought on the Ark of God, and decided that it was not good for the ark to be at Kirjath-jearim, so he sent out to the captains and leaders of the people. Prior to this, in the time of Saul, they had not been inquiring of the Lord through the ark, so all the people thought it was a good idea to bring the ark to Jerusalem.

However, while they were on their way towards Jerusalem, trouble struck. As David and all the people were bringing up the ark in a new cart, with singing and musical instruments, the oxen stumbled. In a bid to prevent the ark from falling off, Uzza, one of those driving the ark, put forth his hand to the ark to steady it, but he was smote by God, and he died there.

David was both afraid and angry. He thought he was doing a good thing for the name of the Lord, and kept wondering why God would kill Uzza, he asked, how would they now bring God’s ark to Jerusalem? So they left the ark of the Lord in the house of Obed-Edom. Surprisingly, Obed_Edom’s house was blessed when the ark of the Lord was with him.

Something strange is definitely happening here, what could that be? I think we would soon discover when the issue of the ark is revisited.

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