Battles with the Philistines

1 Chr 14:1-17

David‘s kingdom was being established in Jerusalem. Hiram, the king of Tyre, sent him timbers of cedars and carpenters to build him a house. He also got more wives and bore more children in Jerusalem.

When the Philistines however heard of David’s reign as king, they came to war against him. It is with respect to these battles that we saw how much David was dependent on God. He inquired of God for the right strategy to go into Battle with the Philistines. He found out if to go to battle and how to approach the battle. God gave David victory over the Philistines.

At another instance, the Philistines came against David again. This time around, God told him not to face them directly, but to come upon them over and against mulberry trees. God gave him the right signal to attack, and he had another great victory.

David’s fame continued to grow. he was indeed a man who treasured listening to God and knowing what God wanted him to do, and how to do it.

Does that describe you too??

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