David Plans to Build the Temple

1 Chr 17:1-27

For David, it was not a pleasing sight to live in a beautiful house while the ark of the Lord stays in a tent. David had a heart that is concerned for God, and based on this he desired to build a house for God. He informed Nathan about his thoughts and the prophet told him he should do whatever he had on heart for God was with him.

God however spoke to Nathan afterwards that it was not going to be David building the house but his son after him. God also reassure him of his mercies, which would not depart from his house. He was the one who raised David when he had nothing, raising sheep, and took him to a place of leading God’s people as their king.

When the message was delivered to David, he did not react in pride, neither did he go ahead with the plan, but he prayed to God, thanked God for his mercies, and asked God to continue to show his generations the same mercies. What a man! No matter he was said to be a man after God’s heart.

What are your desires for God, and how are you submitting them to his leading. It is not all about us,  what we want, or even the things we want to do for God, but what God wants and how he wants and how he wants his work to be done. Selah!



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