A Season of War

1 Chr 20:1-8

There was once a king in Israel who sent his captain to battle with the army, and they wasted the people of the land of Ammon. The king took the crown of the king of the people’s land, seeing that it weighed so much in gold, having numerous precious stones, he set it upon his own head. He also ordered that the people of the land be brought out and be cut with saws, harrows of iron, and axes. He then returned with much spoil to his own land, to the beautiful city of Jerusalem.

If I told you that the king I was talking about was David, you probably would challenge me to give my proof, but do not be surprised too much, that’s the kind of thing that happens during war as seen in the passage above. Apart from this war with the Ammonites, David and his men also fought with the Philistines at Gezer and Gath. During these wars, his brave men killed the giants from the families of the Philistines.

David and his men were indeed known as fierce warriors. The bloods he had shed at war was one of the reasons why Solomon had to be the one to build the temple of the Lord. However with his conquest and spoils, David already prepared the ground for a season of peace and abundant supplies for the building.

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