The End Of David’s Reign

2 Chr 29:1-30

You might be wondering what has been happening in the last few days with the posts on the blog. If I am to be sincere, all I have been reading for the last one week or so were names and names, and more names. I did not want to bore you with a list of names, however that’s what a lot of Chronicles is about – We learnt a whole lot of those who were in David‘s workforce, the Captains, the Levites and so on.

Today we finally came to the end of the first book of Chronicles, as David prepares to depart, leaving a strong legacy and instructions for Solomon his son. His priority first and foremost was the house of God. He willingly gave of his gold and substance for the building of the temple. There was a great motivation among all the people as well as they all willingly brought their substances, till everything needed was overflowing.

David blessed the Lord before the congregation of the people, gave thanks for all that God had brought him through as well as the whole of Israel, from the times of the forefathers. He also prayed for  his son Solomon. All the people togeher then blessed the Lord, and offered sacrifices to him. They also made Solomon king, and he took his place on the throne.

David lived old, reigning forty years in all as king. He fulfilled the number of his days in riches, glory and honour. All through his life, he retained a heart and passion for God, which he handed over to his son Solomon. We also have a responsibility as such, to live fully, and hand over a good legacy to those after us.

So help us God!


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