Jehoshaphat joins Ahab in Battle

2 Chr 18:1-34

Jehoshaphat the king of Judah visited Ahab, and Ahab along with his servants decided that they should take Ramoth Gilead from the Syrians. He invited Jehoshaphat to come along with him in the battle, but the king of Judah was interested in knowing what God thought about the war.

So, Ahab gathered up to four hundred prophets together, and they all prophesied that the king should go ahead that God would deliver to him Ramoth Gilead. I am not sure exactly what Jehoshaphat saw, but it was as though he could sense there was something wrong somewhere, so he asked Ahab if there were still no other prophets of the Lord. AT this point Ahab admitted that there was one he had omitted, by the name Micaiah, because he always prophesied evil against him. Is it not amazing how we listen for only what we want to hear as opposed to the truth. Ahab was contented to have false prophets so far their declarations were in his favour.

Eventually, Micaiah was summoned, and though he initially went along with the other prophets, at further demand by the king, he made him to know the truth that had been decided in the spiritual realms. God had allowed a false, lying spirit to deceive the other prophets in order to bring judgement on Ahab. It was like a self-fulfilling prophesy, despite this truth Ahab still went ahead to battle, locking Macaiah in till his return.

The king however did not return, he was smitten in battle by the bow of an unnamed man, and by evening he was dead from the wound, with blood all over his chariot. Though Jehoshaphat was in the same battle, and even disguised like the only king, his own life was spared when he cried out to God.

Who are you listening to? What are you listening to? The truth or deceptive lies that bring about destruction? Watch-out!

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