Laying The Foundations of The Temple

Ezra 3:1-13

Today, the people who returned to Jerusalem started the work of the temple.  Firstly, Jeshua and the other priests reestablished the altar of God, and started offering burnt offerings as directed in the law of Moses.They also kept the feast of tabernacles, offered the daily offerings, as the duty of everyday required.

The next stage was the laying of the foundations of the temple. Those who returned gave money to support the work of the workmen. Meat drink, and oil were also given out to those who brought the cedar trees needed from Lebanon. By the second year of their return to Jerusalem, Zerubabel and Jeshua with their brethren the priests and the Levites, and all they that came from captivity set to work on the house of God.

When the had builders laid the foundations of the temple, the priests were set in their apparel with trumpets, Levites with cymbals, and they all sang praises unto God for His mercies. All the people shouted and rejoiced loudly. The older generation of fathers and priests who had seen the initial temple, however wept when they saw the new one, such that there was an loud mixture of both joy and weeping, very difficult to distinguish.

The most important thing, apart from the beauty of the new foundations or otherwise, is the fact that God restored his people to their land, and they are able to restart their life of worship as his people. The temple is central to israel’s life, and laying its foundation again was something to rejoice about and celebrate.


What new foundations do you need to re-establish with God? Do so today, and there would be rejoicing!

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