A Great Turnaround!

Ezra 6:1-22

Stemming from the reply given to Darius by the leaders of the Jews, he ordered a search to be conducted, and truly the scroll of the order given by Cyrus for the rebuilding of the temple was found. Not only did he give the order for the rebuilding, he even instructed that the expenses be paid for from the king’s treasury, and all treasures taken by Nebuchadnezzar be returned to the temple.

When Darius saw this, he told Tatnai and his companions to desist from troubling the Jews and their leaders, but rather they should supply them with all they would need for the building, including the animals needed for the daily sacrifices to God. He even decreed that whosoever alters the command would be hanged and his house pulled down – What a turnaround! What was meant for evil had been turned to good, and the people of Israel became better off than before the adversaries troubled them, thats what God could do.

So the elders of the Jews, builded and prospered as the prophets prophesied, and they completed the building as God commanded, through Cyrus and Darius – two heathen kings! The house was dedicated unto God, with sacrifices offered with joy. The passover was also celebrated after all the people have consecrated themselves unto God, as was the the feast if the unleavened bread. The people had every course to celebrate for how God has favoured them  with the building and restoration to their land.


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