Spiritual Amnesia

Ezra 9:1-15

How else could we describe what happened in the passage read today? We have just been reading of how God restored the people from captivity back to their own land, helping them to build the temple, with much favour from heathen kings. God was merciful to them and did not deal with them as their sins deserved.

However, we read today that the people started walking against the laws of God, resulting in the prayer made here by Ezra. He was told that the people, including their priests and Levites were committing abominations by marrying the people of the land, thus the holy seed were mingling with the pagans of the land, against God’s commandments.

Ezra was very sad, angry and sorrowful at this development. He tore his clothes, plucked off his hair and sat down astonished. he then prayed a prayer of forgiveness unto God as we saw here. This was the first thing he did. What did he do next ? We will soon discover, as we learn how to rally a people back from sin.

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