Sworn to Obedience

Nehemiah 10:1-39

Today’s reading gave a profile of all the people that gathered at the Watergate to make a commitment to obey God’s laws as given by Moses.

These people were sworn by oath and curses to ensure they obey God. They promised not to intermingle with the foreigners in marriage, to watch to observe the Sabbath and keep it holy by not trading, and also to forgive debts in the seventh year. Other commitments included given a third of their money yearly for the service of the house of God, bringing their first-fruits to God’s house, and the firstborn of their sons and flocks. Indeed, the people committed to never forsake the house of God.

Israel’s attitude to God today begets the question, “How committed are I to the things of God?” Are we willing to be bound in oath and curses to obey him, to give our lives and our substance in honour and worship of him. God deserves the very best from us, afterall  he made us and owns us and all we have.

Worship him with your life and all!





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