My new book – 21-Day Leadership Diet

Some believe leaders are born, others believe they are made. Whatever you believe, it has been sufficiently established that leadership skills could be learned and we could improve our leadership abilities whether born with them or not.

21-Day Leadership Diet is a small book with a big heart. With simplicity and clarity, the book presents leadership nuggets in bite sizes that anyone could feed on easily quickly and get started confidently in a leadership role. Learn about key leadership aspects like vision, communication, motivation, leadership styles and change management. In whatever environment you find yourself, whether you lead a big or small team, this book is your companion for an effective leadership that achieves great results.

Enjoy this leadership book written by the author of “thebiblehistorybooks” website: 21-Day Leadership Diet:

21 day leadership diet front+COVER DESIGN (2)

You can buy through these links:

  1. On Amazon
  2. On my personal website

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